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The Nouveau 70/80/90 round mirror serie unites elegance with simplicity and is characterised by its geometric and color detailing. The mirrors, which comes in three different sizes with different color combinations has references to the 1980's time period but is able to add personality to every contemporary setting and enrich the decoration, whether it is a bedroom, bathroom, hallway or a dressing room.

Nouveau 65 - Q65 cm / D.1,2 cm

Nouveau 70 - Q70 cm / D.1,2 cm

Nouveau 80 - Q80 cm / D.1,2 cm

Nouveau 90 - Q90 cm / D.1,2 cm

Materials: 4mm faceted mirror on black painted mdf


Nouveau 65 - Silver/Emerald/Burgundy

Nouveau 70 - Silver/Vintage Rose Gold/Bronze

Nouveau 80 - Silver/Cobalt/Black

Nouveau 90 - Silver/Midnight/Burgundy

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