Pulpo welcomes its first armchair  and sofa with a big splash! Three sizes, eight colours and two differents fabrics to match any needs and desires, making endless combinations possible. Pow allows you infinite ways to sit and enjoy its large arms, while Kaboom will wrap you in a friendly hug, creating a perfect space to sit and relax, cut off from the outside world, feet on its ottoman, Oooh.

L.1050/ W. 900 / H. 600 /H. SIT 420

Materials: fabric, foam and steel; Each piece is created from foam-based sit, covered in either velvet or Pablo FR (by nya nordiska). The feet are constructed in powdered coated steel.

Colors: black feet + fabric: black velvet, blue velvet, green velvet, red velvet, granite Pablo FR, lilac Pablo FR, ocean Pablo FR.

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