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Furniture? Sculpture or toy? A bit of it all. ROKKI is both a playful stool and side table. Its material mix of concrete and wood make it bottom heavy when horizontally oriented and transforms ROKKI into a rocking stool. This means freedom of movement and creative seating possibilities. Tilted by 90 degrees, the rolling object becomes a static piece of furniture. The free-floating concrete slab gives ROKKI a light yet dramatic look. In this orientation ROKKI still serves as a seating furniture but can also be used as an elegant side table. Or both at the same time. Proven and popular with both children and adults, ROKKI is a stylish eye-catcher that invites to playful interaction.

H.: 45cm / W. 45cm / L.45cm

Materials: Wood, Concrete

Colors: Flamingo, Arctic, Black, Natural (Walnut); Ask for custom colours.

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