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Lightly dusted and softly sweet, a little slice of Delight steps into your confectionary collection. Inspired by the traditional lokum candy of North Africa, Sebastian Herkner has transported their subtle tones and textures into an inviting series of side tables.
Much like their namesake, the Delight side tables exude a soft glow through their translucent structures. Produced from handblown glass, their unique form is reminiscent of a pair of candy cubes sweetly fused into one. Inviting curves highlighted by a textured and frosted exterior that keeps you coming back for one more bite.
Pick your favourite dusted delicacy with the series available in a small or large side table, and your choice of frosted colourways including transparent, smoked or aubergine. Delight is sure to add just the right amount of sweetness to your intimate setting; the only problem will be stopping at one.

Ø 360 /H. 380 mm

Ø 460 /H. 500 mm

Material: glass; Each piece is created from handblown glass, coloured and/or sanded. Bubbles, streaks and other variations in size and colour art part of handmade production processes, and not defects in the design or production.

Colors: aubergine, aubergine acetato, smoky grey, smoky grey acetato, tarpaulin, tarpaulin acetato, white, white acetato.

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