AVALON COLLECTION_ A retro design to cure nostalgia combined with contemporary and uninhibited touches. The Avalon collection are small eyes full of light that appear in the middle of nature to make the footprint of our feet look and never get unnoticed. Personality and creativity in the shape of a lamp. Avalon was born in the hand of Carolina Micó. A collection of postmodernist lamps that simulate being a small eye of light that appears in the middle of nature with one goal: make visible our footprint and never go unnoticed.

squered: H.145 / W.32 / L.32 cm

round: H.85 / W.25 / L.20 cm

Materials&Colors: Gold lacquered steel, enamelled ceramic bas, glass screen; ‎ Ceramic base available in tubular marble and rectangular pink.‎ Golden aluminum stick and E27 bulb.‎ glass tulip.‎

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