CURVE 72/104/136/232/350/440

CURVE 72/104/136/232/350/440

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The shape along with the width provides a good grip. A perfect kitchen handle which can be mixed with the other lengths in the same series. (Screw for cabinet: m4 x 24mm - 2pcs )

L.7.2cm /H.3cm /W.3cm /TH.0.8cm /C-C 6.4cm

L.10.4cm /H.3cm /W.3cm /TH.0.8cm /C-C 9.6cm

L.13.6cm /H.3cm /W.3cm /TH.0.8cm /C-C 12.8cm

L.23.2cm /H.3cm /W.3cm /TH.0.8cm /C-C 22.4cm

L.35cm /H.3cm /W.3cm /TH.0.8cm /C-C 34.2cm

L.44cm /H.3cm /W.3cm /TH.8cm /C-C 43.2cm

Materials & Colors: Polished brass, brushed brass, polished copper, brushed copper, chrome, black chrome, polished stainless steel and brushed stainless steel.

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