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Lines & Dots is at the same time a lamp and a sculpture. Designed after dozens of ink drawings, from those abstract silhouettes there emerged a series of eight shapes, then transformed into volumes using folded rods weld by local craftsmen. Eight different modules which are combined in thirty different ways using the cable as pivot.

LDS06 W.45/ H.69,5/ D.7 cm

LDS07 W.45/ H.54,5/ D.7 cm

LDS08 W.45/ H.79,5/ D.7 cm

LDS09 W.45/ H.74,5/ D.7 cm

LDS10 W.45/ H.94,5/ D.7 cm

Materials: Powder coated steel in semi-matt black with polyester paint details.

Colors opotions of details: LDS06, LDS08: cold and warm; LDS07, LDS09,LDS10: red - grey, red - pink, pink - light grey, yellow - grey, yellow - pink, blue - grey, blue - light blue, blue - green, light blue - light grey, green - light grey.

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