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Intentionally dramatic and show-stopping pieces made of clear crystal glass, the Shade whisky set will appeal to all those with a sense of the Gothic and romantic. The skull shaped stopper of decanter guarantees to add an air of the theatrical to any table or sideboard. The shade line brings the dramatic image of the human skull to the world of whisky. The skull embedded into the base of the glasses, and the optical effect subsequently created in the drink itself, acts as a permanent reminder to live life to the full.
Set contains: Whisky Bottle, Set of 4 Whisky Glasses, Set of 4 Low Ball Glasses by Nude Design Team, Set of 4 High Ball Glasses by Nude Design Team, Cigar Ashtray

Whisky Bottle H.291 mm / Q.132 mm/ 1250 cc

Whisky Glass H.104 mm / Q.92 mm/ 350 cc

Low Ball Glass H.130 mm / Q.70 mm/ 290 cc

High Ball Glass H.160 mm / Q.65 mm/ 325 cc

Cigar Ashtray H.65 mm / Q.160 mm

Material and color: clear crystal

Care: Handwash recommended.

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