Swings in gold or silver version, this is an exclusive item for the interiors of luxury residences. CIRCLE SWINGS in the exclusive version, we make to individual order. Gold, adds a glamor swing and glamor style. Swings are decorated with a manual technique of applying brass (szlagmetal). It is a gilded art / kind of artistic craft, the precursor of which was Hindus (the opening of gold flakes took over 3000 BC).

N1 Q. 110 cm/ D. rim 12.5/ D. seat 33.5 cm

N2 Q. 110 cm/ D. rim 12,5 /D. seat 33,5 cm

Materials&Colors: Profiled hardwood plywood, veneered with oak veneer; finished color: gold and silver

Technical information: The swing includes assembly systems, a carabiner and a 6m stainless steel rope ; Swing does not include a mounting element to the ceiling itself, like a screw with eye, hook, beam, etc. This is due to the diversity of the ceilings and the places where the swing is installed. We recommend using specialist fittings with a minimum load of 400kg. ; Recommended load on the swing itself is max 140kg ; Swings can be hung up to the ceiling or attic beams. ; Swings are not suitable for outdoor use / They are not resistant to sunlight and rain.

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