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Pink scenery is the place to stop and free your mind from frame. To fly the tree to the Moon and to throw the Moon like a boomerang to the branches. To search for gold in a warm sand and to drink sweet water. To shoot the stars from a slingshot or eat them just like lollipops. To play the roulette with a banana and blow the smokes until they will turn pink. Everything is possible with Jotjot, even to lay down and relax on the piece of art.

L.200/ W.120/ H.1,4 cm

L.300/ W.180/ H.1,4 cm

L.350/ W.210/ H.1,4 cm

L.400/ W.240/ H.1,4 cm

Material: New Zealand 100% wool;

Technical informations: Technique: Tufting; Properties: Area rugs as well as wall-to-wall carpets, both for private and public interiors. 100% wool carpets have been assigned with fire behaviour classification Cfl-s1 and meet requirements presented to hotels and other public spaces.

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