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Behind the simple and clear-cut lines of the Arin table lies a combination of highly-complex assembly, CNC precision milling and bonding techniques that place lightness at the heart of the design. The milled marble top has been made lighter thanks to the use of a strong honeycomb core with oak trim.


ARIN190RC: H.75 cm / W.190 cm / D.100 cm

ARIN190RC V2*: H.75 cm / W.190 cm / D.100 cm

ARIN250RC: H.75 cm / W.250cm / D.100 cm

ARIN300RC: H.75 cm / W.300cm / D.100 cm

*V2 :20 mm thick solid marble glued on 25 mm thick Coosa (fiberglass composite material)


ARIN140RD: H.75 cm / Q140 cm

ARIN160RD: H.75 cm / Q160 cm

Materials: Table top: 19mm thick marble, hollowed and reinforced with 10mm thick aluminium honeycomb core; Underlay panel: 25mm thick aluminium honeycomb; solid oak trim; Leg: stainless steel bar and plate, oak foot; All assembled with stainless steel bolts; Other dimensions and materials available upon request

Colours: marble - carrara, emperador, alicante, marquina

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